- it/she, genderless monster, gamedev, digital mage

Ame is the head of many. So many heads. Like, seven whole heads. All with brains. But no eyes. Established this site to use with friends because god damn will this site ever be used ? Probably not, but it needed to make one anyway. Somewhere to host a portfolio of sorts.

Real though, I run the site primarily for hosting stuff with friends and building a portfolio and easy access to my games. I have more about me on personal pages and I'm doing my best whenever I can !
Feel free to chat with me at any time ! Ask about my games or talk about stuff you're interested in ! | Twitter (Main) | Twitter (Personal) | Patreon | TeePublic


- she/they, PS1-era rabbit, artist of multiple trades, black hole of pizza

cornwall-based musician, gamedev and dreamer of worlds. particularly interested in the study of the faster, more hardcore genres, as well as the gentler subtleties of classical and the complex rhythms of jazz - but really, everything under the sun is fair game. has been creating a strange, nebulous substance known as "Art" in one form or another since 2k12.

it's entirely possible she loves certain memes a little too much.

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- she (liz)/they (avie), undead cat mom, musician, sound design, art, gamedev, (kinda) animation, stories, too much stuff and not enough space

hi i like making music music is my LIFE

I'm Elizabeth. "AS" stands for "Avie Sunner", my headmate. We make things, it's RAD and TUBULAR but most importantly FUN. But, yes yes ! We make things. Music, mainly, then sound design, then art, then gamedev, then animation (sort of, I haven't really made a stand-alone animation yet. As in, an animated short or something like that.)

Avie usually makes two main types of music; Ambient and electronic. I make lots of different types of music. Some of the stuff that's public right now includes jazz, ambient, uh... Nightmare, pseudochiptune, chiptune, industrial, and industrial with screaming.



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