su's zone


hi! i am su, an autistic trans musician and amateur gamedev working from the uk.
♥ my pronouns are she/they. ♥

my work

i've been making things in one form or another since around 2012. mostly music, but a fair bit of coding too; i've even been a dancer at one point.
sadly, i don't really have much to show for all of that so far; you can see a couple of remixes on the music page, but most of everything i'm working on that i don't actively recoil in horror from is unfinished.

things i like

there's so many good things that i like! here are some highlights:

there's also a lot of other things. if you want to know more, check out the links page!

look at how gay my girlfriends are

i'm part of a gay-ace nerd harem with my four wonderful girlfriends:

an incredibly beautiful nerd.
a completely divine angel of a nerd who makes games.
it runs this site, too!

an absolutely wonderful nerd.
an utterly adorable nerd who loves vintage fangames just as much as i do.

they are all extremely beautiful and rad and cool and I love them so so much