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☢ The Vault ☢

old works. most of these are not particularly good, let alone finished, and some of them are downright terrible - but it's good to see how far you've come, right? besides, who knows; maybe someone out there will find them worthwhile somehow...
in other words: please be aware that due to their age these works are not going to accurately represent my current skill, personality, or values. they are here for archival purposes only.

story in the style of the bible

Now it happened that there was a terrible sickness in the land of dragons. And Falcon the Younger, who was in the service of Thornside the Red at that time, said; "Master, there is an awful plague upon my people; please, allow me to return home and comfort my family."

a short, unfinished and largely unpolished exercise in emulating the "ye olde" style of the King James bible. except with dragons. while i no longer consider this to be even one of my better works, it is still one of my most... unique pieces.

finished with unfinished prequel segment