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Fixed Up The Site

Well, after way too long, the site has finally been re-updated and fixed up. Behind the scenes, most of the structure is still the same, but now I am utilising more PHP features that I learned while developing terato, the work-in-progress art site I am making with Su

As you can see, this also includes ways to make blogs. Right now, everything is done manually. I have to write these in a stripped-down, extremely basic HTML format. Well, I guess I don't have to, but it makes things easier. The blog just takes these HTML pages and prints them out in the section module. Neat-o ! This is basically what rich-text editors do behind the scenes anyway, so all I'm really missing is an interface for that.

What's next ?

Next up is developing MMT2's demo yet more. I'm admittedly a little stuck trying to fix UI interaction issues, causing a total halt in developing the rest of the game. If the menus aren't responsive, the game is unplayable ! Oh no ! I'm doing my best to reach out for solutions, but it almost seems moot. I don't want to release a half-baked demo, so that is why this has taken so long.

There's more, though ! Not only will I be mirroring Patreon posts to the site, but I've also joined another dev team ! Huzzah ! But to read about that, you'll have to visit my personal blog. See you there !